Monday, 22 February 2010

Infidelity 'Unfaithfull Yours' chapter One

Gary's story.

I have recently taken on a new client who has been the unfortunate recipient of some very enlightening and mind blowing texts. Before I begin I would just like to say that I am not a fan of this particular means of communication. It is all to often used by people to convey a message that they do not have the emotional courage to give personally. So for those of you that have used it for this purpose. Shame on you! You did a heartless and cruel thing and someone suffered because of you. Anyway I will get off my orange box and get to the story.

Anyway, Gary (not his real name of course) was less than overjoyed to be enlightened by TEXT that his loving wife of two years was having an affair with the sender of the text. The first message read

'Sorry to have to tell you this mate but I've been seeing you wife for the last few months'

At the time of receiving the text Gary was snuggled up next to his wife watching a romantic movie. Try to picture the scene? First there is the little tune letting Gary know that a text has arrived. He lazily reaches over and scoops up his phone, hits the open message button and pow! Hey! Gary your world has just ripped apart.

So what would you do now?

Gary initially thought that it was a joke from one of his friends, why did he think that? well its because the date was 14th February. Happy Valentine's day Gary. Gary's mind went into overdrive whilst he tried to figure out what to do. However time was not on his side because the texter had more wonderful information to share.

The next text read, 'She wants to leave you mate i thought it was better that you know the truth'

I have investigated numerous cases of infidelity and have witnessed some rather foul deeds but the editor of these particular texts is by far the lowest kind of ditch scum I have encountered. He would have known when he sent his texts that two things were going to happen. Firstly he was just sending a wrecking ball into Gary's life and secondly Gary's wife, lets call her Emma was just about to face some very searching questions from a less than understanding husband.

So what did our texter hope to achieve?

My guess is, total destruction of the marriage. Obviously he could not hope to win Emma's heart by sharing his knowledge with Gary. So this means that Emma had probably ended the affair and our cowardly texter couldn't deal with the rejection. So he decided to get even. Therefore the texts were totally self serving and enabled this low life to deal a deadly blow to what had been a happy marriage.

Some of you may say, 'hang on a second Emma cheated on her husband' Hello! wake up! Gary didn't know about the affair and Emma may have deeply regretted what she had done and had decided that her marriage was worth more than few hours sweaty lust in some cheap hotel room.

The point I am making is this. All of us will do something wrong at least once in our lifetime(even angels sin, ask Gabriel who struck Zachariah mute) something that in time we deeply regret doing. But if the person we did it too never finds out then the only person who suffers is the wrong doer. Do you get my drift. If no one finds out then no one gets hurt.

However that is not the case with Gary and Emma. so to get back to Valentine's evening. Gary for some reason decided to respond to the text with the question. 'If you are seeing my wife, then what is her name?'

'Emma, I see her when you are away on business in America. Listen mate I thought you should know what is being going on, I saw her two weeks age when you were away.

That was the last text Gary received and what followed next is quite typical of an imploding relationship.

However you will have to wait for the next entry to this blog because I have an early start tomorrow paying a visit to a little fellow who hasn't been paying his debts on time.

See you soon.

Dan Sharp
Private Eye

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