Friday, 2 April 2010

Private Detective Skills Interrogation Techniques

I have lost count of the number of interrogations that I have completed over the last 10 years but there have been over a thousand. I don't know whether this makes me an expert but it certainly means I know what I am talking about.

So how is it done? Well it is far easier than you think. There is however one golden rules:


Let me give you an example on how it is done.

In my previous posts I have spoken about Gary and Emma and the text he received suggesting that his wife was being unfaithful.

Having read the text Gary should have saved the message and acted as if nothing important had been received. He should then have chatted to Emma about a subject he is very familiar with for example her car, or her job or a planned change to their home. (it must be a personal subject)Whilst doing this he should closely monitor her base line behaviour.

This means watching how she uses her hands; are they waved about, kept still or placed in her lap? How much eye contact does she make, where does she look when she is using long term memory or emotional recall, what is her blink rate? How many and what type of facial expressions does she use? He should also listen carefully to her voice, what tone is she using, what is her word speed, clarity and loudness. Finanlly observe her body movements and positioning, is she laid back, facing away or towards him legs closed up or stretched etc.

Once he is confident that he has a good understanding of her base line behaviour he should now steer the conversation onto those occasions when Emma has been on her own and had the opportunity to be with someone else (a lover). This includes evenings out with a friend, late nights at work, trips away etc. However it is important that Gary remains relaxed and slightly disinterested in her answers but at the same time continuing to watch her base line behaviour for any subtle changes. Then Gary should tell Emma that a friend or work colleague (John) wants to meet him privately about a very sensitive matter but will only talk about it in person. He now needs to monitor whether Emma remains passive or curious and if so just how curious? Now he delivers the first power statement. Which should be similar to 'I think John suspects his wife is having an affair'.

This will enable Gary to lead Emma onto the subject of infidelity whilst at the same time closely watching what if any changes there are in her base line behaviour. Gary should now tell Emma how he would feel if he were in John's position. How this would hurt him and impact on his life and his relationship with Emma. Finally he should ask Emma what he should say to John and whether he should tell John to get a private detective or a divorce lawyer?

This is a critical stage of the conversation because if Emma is having an affair she will become very nervous about the subjects of private detectives or divorce lawyers.

Then without warning Gary should end the conversation, tell Emma that he loves her and then find a reason to leave the room. It is very important that Gary does not raise the subject again for the rest of the evening.

In my next post i will explain what happens next.

Dan Sharp
Private Detective